Thursday, December 31, 2009


So, it's the last day of the year of 2009.
Didn't join up any friends for any party. Just at home.
Afternoon went to watch Bodyguards and Assassins in leisuremall.
What I have to say is, this movie is awesome.
Haha. Maybe my expectation was lower because my friends told me it's boring.
Donnie Yen is my favourite martial artist actor besides Jet Li.
His part in the movie is lesser compare to the others main actor like Tony Leung.

Ohya, is Avatar really that nice huh?
I am so outdated I guess.
Because I haven't watch it.. hehhe

Argh! Uni reopen soon. 4th of January to be exact.
After two months of holiday, I'm really not feel like going to uni. haha!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lame! Deng!!

All right. Nothing to blog about because I have been staying at home for the past 3-4 weeks!
Decided to crap something here because i'm almost dead of bore in the middle of this night.

The only day I went out was yesterday.
Yah! Joshua's birthday! hahah..
So, went to Yuen steamboat at sunway for dinner.
The chicken wing is the hot properties over there!
Remember last time I headed over there was last year.
Have to fight for the chicken wings!! haha.
Yesterday was Thursday, so i think because is weekday, I dont have to fight for the chicken wings!. AHaha.

oh ya! Results for the last semester released!
Real shit! I did well for the chemistry paper. I memorize like hell. OK. End up a shit result.
Mayb my 75-80 years old chemistry lecturer a.k.a The Ancient Professor from the Middle-East didn't even have the energy to mark my damn paper!! Argh!..

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Omg. I have abandoned this blog for almost 3 months!
Thanks to the busy so called short semester la! ishk!!
Lab reportsss, assignmentsss, every week also got quizss!
Finally can have a rest and relax.

Holiday for 2 months start from now.
And I yet to find a job. Its going be very very boring if just stay at home.
Ask me for outings lo guys!
Badminton, basketball, movies, yum cha, blow water all also can!!!
Aih, lots of friends went back to their hometown.
Makes me feel so lonely here. hah! T.T

Went to watch the Inglorious Basterds on tuesday after my chemistry paper.
Seriously, is kinda boring and I slept in the cinema.
Oh yeah, it doesnt mean it is not a nice film.
It indeed a nice film, the film already grab quite a number of awards.
Just that it is not suitable for me.
I'm more to crime thriller and action film.

Alrite.. Ciaoz for now.
Arsenal vs Liverpool coming up in 4 minutes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's the name of this club?

Last week is full of adventure! lols!

Stick to the plan.. We went to Jogoya!
We went there around 7pm and were hanging around Pavilion.
Because we are waiting for the Supper period 9.30pm.
Buy 1 FREE 1 mah!!

meiLing, tanqian, tsu siang, yeeKai, Me and chris

Went home around 12.30am.. Cant sleep straight away. Too full alrdy

Then the next day morning.
Spent about 45 mins in the toilet. Gonna faint.
Then I taught I had gastric. Rushed out to buy medicine.
I was wrong. Still suffering, and vomited after that.
Went to clinic, surprisingly the doctor said this morning a group of ppl visited him also told him that they went to jogoya last nite. hahHA!

Just after I recovered.
Pjun birthday. So went to club with friends.
Not bad afterall. Nice and having fun.
Having headache for almost 2 days.
Today only recovered. - -"

My Next Toys:

1. Human Alliance Sideswipe

2. Gathering At The Nemesis

Megatron + The Fallen + Soundwave

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Let Me Go

Ok. I am extremely frustrated + depressed over my chemistry midterm.
Nvm. Time to focus on test 2 and final.
Watched Transformers for the Fourth time last week.
It was still awesome!! Haha..
Alrite, I know everyone is talking about Michael Owen and Manchester United.
But I don't care. I am GUNNER. GOONERS...
Yeapii... Transformed my HA Bumblebee with Sam.

Remember when the opening scene of Transformers when Sideswipe killed Sideways?
After Sideswipe killed Sideways
It says : " Damn, I'm good."
Haha... Interesting. Interesting...

Omg. I'm so broke after buying all the Transformers!
And yet, they invited me to go Jogoya on Wednesday night.. T.T
"They" = Christopher Tay, Song Yee Kai, Foo Mei Ling and Tan Qian!
This Saturday, Pei Jun birthday at MOS? Euphoria?
Alrite it's gonna be my 1st time go to club then. I don't drink. I will try then.. haha.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Omg. it's been 2 weeks I didnt update my blog.
Aiya! it is due to recent Mid-term test, endless assignments and reportsss.
Glad it was over and test 2 around the corner too..

I am officially broke now.
I dont know whether still got money to join Peijun bday party or not.
Cause I only left rm20 for this month!!
Have to skip lunch/dinner !!
The reason behind this is the collection of my transformers toys!! ahah.
Wahahah!! Hohoho!! Kekekek!! Haha~

Sideswipe!! Hoho.. Cut Sideways into half in the beginning of the movie.!!

Sideswipe featuring Optimus Prime!! Come on Decepticons Punk!!

Optimus Prime in Truck mode... Hhoho!!

Robot Mode


Haha! Guess who is this???!!
LoL!! Havent got the time to transform him yet hoho!
Sam Witwicky is inside the car. lols.

Next toy: *Updated* Human Alliance Sideswipe and Voyager class IRONHIDE!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heal this World

Heal the world, make it a better place.
For you and for me and the entire human race.
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place
For you and for me!

A tribute to Michael Jackson. I like your dance!

Argh! I need more time!!
Just finish Physics mid term and Chemistry is next!
And And And Calculus and Eng. Fundamentals next week!!! Damn!
Not to mention still got physics and chem Lab report.
Feelin so tired and sleepy recently.
I can't get my mind out of the transformers!!
The scene is keep rewinding in my mind..
Awesome film ever produced.
Alrite. Continue my studies~~~

不要怀疑, 也是我写的